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Cleaning Equipment

At Industrial EquipSol Limited (IESL), we know a clean,hygienic and fresh workplace is fundamental for a great work environment. But, this environment needs to be achieved through a user friendly yet cost effective solution. Here we present you one of the best of cleaning industry, IPC. Since its inception in 1965, the company has been secured 80+ patents, which is just extraordinary. With high focus on R&D, IPC now offers an extensive range of cleaning equipment. IPC stands out for its high flexibility in design process and strong commitment to innovation & aims at constantly searching for new products & systems with a view to increasing productivity in the cleaning process. With this attitude IPC builds machines that do their job to perfection, for people who like to do their work to perfection. Because, although the quality of the products is obvious in our view, the performance of the machines also has our constant attention. Innovative technology that is cleaner and more sustainable, design that is practical and ergonomic, motors that are quieter or systems that clean more powerfully. So, contact IESL today to get the cleaning machines with cutting edge technology in Bangladesh.