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Double Deep Rack

Ideal storage system for companies that have a limited range of products in large numbers, i.e. medium number of SKUs, distributed in medium or high volumes. Employs ‘Last In First Out’ (LIFO) principle.

  1. You distribute your product in high volume.
  2. You have a lot of pallets quantity of the same product category.
  3. Your products has medium to long shelf-life.

Double Deep Pallet Rack system is a variation on Selective Pallet Rack system and is best understood in comparison to it. Selective Pallet Racking, two single rows of pallet racks are placed back-to-back. But in Double Deep Racking, four single rows of pallet racks are placed back-to-back. This arrangement limits immediate accessibility to only the two aisle facing pallet rows.

However, this racking system increases storage capacity up to 30% and still maintains a lower cost. It is an excellent method of increasing storage capacity of when alternative storage rack systems such as the Drive-in Rack are not possible.

Double Deep Rack System illustration in a warehouse

NUTECH Double Deep Racking 6 pallets high fully implemented
It is important to note that the Double Deep racking system requires the use of a special reach truck or an attachment fitted to the standard reach truck. Best Suited For:  SKU's with several pallets of inventory that are not highly perishable and do not require FIFO inventory rotation.

Warehouse workers begins to store their palletized goods  into NUTECH  Double Deep Rack.

Double Deep Rack requires the use of special material handling, often fitted with a
pantograph mechanism specially designed to reach the second deep pallet location.